Septic Tanks

Standard tanks are available in 5 sizes:

500 Gallon: 8’L x 5’W x 41″H      1000 Gallon: 8’L x 5″W x 65″H

1250 Gallon: 10’L x 5’W x 65″H     1500 Gallon: 10’L x 5’2″W x 78″H

2000 Gallon: 9’L x 7’W x 86″H


*Tuf-Tite 20″ risers pre-cast into the top.
*Additional risers, 6″ & 12″ available.
*Tuf-Tite 20″ domed lids.
*4″ Tuf-Tite inlet/outlet baffles.
*4″ Tuf-Tite santoprene thermal-plastic rubber boot seals at inlets/outlet.


*We stock all the pipe and fittings required to complete your tank installation project.
Call or fax your materials list and let us offer a quote. We will deliver everything to the job site, saving time and expense for you.

*4″ Schedule 40 pipe *SDR 35 Solid pipe *S&D Perforated pipe

 *Many of our contractors prefer installing the ADS ARC18 chambers as a
superior solution to the traditional gravel and pipe leachfield system. Since the trench does not require gravel, (check local codes) the risk of property damage caused by heavy vehicles hauling gravel to the site is eliminated, as is the expense. The  5′ sections interlock together to create a continuous drainage area, eliminating the need for gluing together all of that perforated pipe! Installation time is reduced as well. In comparison, the chamber system  offers many advantages, both in expense and in working time.