In-ground Storm Shelter






Traditional In-Ground Shelter

*5000 psi fiber mesh reinforced concrete
*Reinforced with 3/8” Steel Rods
*33.5” x 35” Steel Door
*One handle – 3 point latch system
*Door-width textured diamond plate metal steps with handrails on each side.
*12” Turbine Ventilator
*Port for adding an electric line into the shelter.
*Interior Dimensions 6’W x 8’L x 74”H
*Unit weight 13,000 pounds
*Complete installation includes site excavation, setting, leveling and back filling around the sides and back of the shelter.
*The truck on which the shelter is transported requires 14′ overhead clearance;
10′ clearance from left to right.
*The excavation site should be at least 15′ (in all directions) from any buildings, trees or other obstructions.


We do service what we sell. Should you have concerns, questions or problems related to the shelter, just contact the office. We will schedule a service call and do our best to remedy any issue. (A nominal fee may be applicable for service on out-of-warranty units).

General Maintenance Tips

*Keep the dirt packed securely around the sides and back of the shelter,
as natural settling will occur over time.
*Periodically lubricate (WD40) the door hinges as well as
the internal latching mechanism.
*Re-prime or paint the door as you see fit.
*Applying weather stripping around the inside of the door may alleviate any issue with water dripping into the shelter and may be used at your discretion.